AGS Awards first Regional Endowed Scholarship

Austin T. Arnold became the first recipient of the Austin Geological Society Regional Endowed Scholarship. Although born in Redwood City, California, Austin Arnold has lived most his life in Texas. Growing up in San Antonio he enjoyed exploring the outdoors with his father, avid outdoorsman. Austin attended Ronald Reagan High in San Antonio before moving to Covington, Washington where he graduated from Tahoma High School. Following high school he moved to Austin where he is completing coursework in Environmental Studies at Austin Community College (ACC). In addition to receiving the first Austin Geological Society Regional Endowed Scholarship, Austin will join a select group of ACC students this summer to participate in a National Science Foundation Summer Research Experience Course at the University of Texas at Austin and ACC. When not working part-time and attending college, Austin enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and volunteering for environmental/ greenbelt clean-up projects in Central Texas.


AGS Endowed Scholarship picture 2018.jpg