The Public Service Award shall be given to recognize contribution of members to the Society to public affairs and to encourage geologists to take a more active part in such affairs. The recipient shall be a member of the Society, but may be in any class of membership. 

The Distinguished Service Award shall be given to members who have distinguished themselves in singular and beneficial long-term service to the Society. The emphasis shall be on long-term and, at the same time, meaningful service to the Society. The term singular does not necessarily mean without precedence, but rather that the activity be specific as distinguished from general service. More than one member of the Society may be considered in any one year for the award.


Recent Awardees:

2016: John Mikels: AGS Public Service Award (second time!)

2012: Eddie Collins and Doug Ratcliff: Distinguished Service Award to 

2010: Raymond Slade: AGS Distinguished Service Award

2008: Sigrid Clift and John Mikels: AGS Public Service Award; Steve Ruppel: AGS Distinguished Service Award