The history of any one part of the earth, like the life of a soldier, consists of long periods of boredom and short periods of terror.

— Derek V. Ager (British Paleontologist)
1966 Austin American Statesman

1966 Austin American Statesman

The Austin Geological Society began in April 1965 when a small group of geologists met to promote better professional communication among geologists in the Austin area. On October 7, 1965, the organization was officially founded with the adoption of a Constitution and Bylaws.

The Austin Geological Society (AGS) is an affiliated organization of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). We participate in the activities of that organization and have representatives in its House of Delegates. We are also a member of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Sciences (GCAGS), and served as the host of the annual GCAGS convention in October, 2002.

AGS celebrated its 50th Anniversary. President Jack Sharp cuts the cake at the May 2015 meeting.

AGS celebrated its 50th Anniversary. President Jack Sharp cuts the cake at the May 2015 meeting.

List of officers since 1965.


2019-2020—Brent Elliot—Saj Zappitello—Evan Strickland—Paul Lewis

2018-2019—Christian Dohse—Saj Zappitello—Evan Strickland—Peter Pope

2017-18--Will Boettner--Brent Elliot--Lila Beckley--Peter Pope

2016-17--John Berry--David Johns--Lila Beckley--Peter Pope

2015-16--Rebecca Smyth--David Johns--Dan Neal--Peter Pope

2014-15--Jack Sharp--John Berry--Dan Neal--Mustafa Saribudak

2013-14--Dennis Trombatore--Randy Williams--Scott Tiller--Mustafa Saribudak

2012-13--Pete Rose--Mustafa Saribudak--Scott Tiller--Jim Sansom

2011-12--John Bumgarner--Rebecca Smyth--Katrina Patterson--Bruce Darling

2010-11--Dallas B. Dunlap--Linda McCall--Katrina Patterson--Doug Wierman

2009-10--Ann Molineux--Pat Dickerson--Angela Ludolph--Doug Wierman

2008-09--Shane Valentine--Gay Gutierrez--Angela Ludolph--Dallas Dunlap

2007-08--Brian B. Hunt--Shane Valentine--Ian Jones--Linda Ruiz-McCall

2006-07--Ernest Lundelius--Brad Wolaver--Ian Jones--Ann Molineux

2005-06--Alan Cherepon--April Hoh--John K. Mikels--Ann M. Molineux

2004-05--Craig Caldwell--Brian Hunt--John K. Mikels--Cindy Ridgeway

2003-04--Randy Williams--Alan Cherepon--Juan Moya--Ted Angle

2002-03--Scott Tinker--Alan Cherepon--Craig Caldwell--Ted Angle

2001-02--Robert Mace--Randy Williams--Craig Caldwell--Alan Cherepon

2000-01--Nico Hauwert--Robert Mace--Heather Beatty--Rebecca C. Smith

1999-00--Robert Blodgett--Ron Johns--Heather Beatty--Robert Mace

1998-99--Eddie Collins--Nico Hauwert--Dennis Trombatore--Robert Mace

1997-98--Patricia Bobeck--Robert Blodgett--Tim Walter--Mary Tally

1996-97--Mary Ambrose--Mary McBride--Lisa Remington--Margaret Hart

1995-96--David Johns--Pat Bobeck--Lynne Fahlquist--Andy Donnelly

1994-95--Guy Cleveland--Mary Ambrose--Margaret Hart--Moira McCarthy

1993-94--Carolyn Condon--David Johns--Debra Williams--Burgess Stengl

1992-93--Rick Major--Guy Cleveland--David Johns--Burgess Stengl

1991-92--Peter Boone--Carolyn Condon--Kevin Frenzel--Kathy Nelson

1990-91--Jan Sloan--Rick Major--Kathy Nelson--Carolyn Condon

1989-90--Ed Garner--Diana Slagle--Steve Musick--Rick Major

1988-89--Bruce Fink--Peter Boone--Paul Lewis--Diana Slagle

1987-88--Chet Garrett--Mary McBride--Diana Slagle--Peter Boone

1986-87--Doug Hall--Jan Sloan Posey--Mary McBride--Mary Ambrose

1985-86--Harold Billman--Bruce Fink--Sam Pole--Chet Garrett

1984-85--Doug Ratcliff--Harold Billman--Felicia Boyd--John Ashworth

1983-84--Robert Bluntzer--Doug Ratcliff--Ken Owens--Marcie MacHenberg

1982-83--Clark Wilson--Robert Bluntzer--Ken Owens--Missy Jackson

1981-82--Bob Kier--Clark Wilson--Thomas Ewing--Mark McGowen

1980-81--Chock Woodruff--Bob Kier--Peggy Laird--Debra Richmann

1979-80--Fred Osborne--Don Bebout & Loucks--Ann St.Clair--Robert Loucks

1978-79--Robert Sheldon--Fred Osborne--Robert Loucks--Victor Baker

1977-78--E. G. Wermund--Robert Sheldon--Peggy Harwood--Bernard Colley

1976-77--Groat & Garza--Garza & Wermund--Robert Sheldon--Fred Osborne

1975-76--Robert Boyer--Charles (Chip) Groat--Fred Osborne--Sergio Garza

1974-75--Jean Williams--Rollin Hardin--Jimmy Russell--Peggy Harwood

1973-74--Bill Fisher--Murphy Hawkins--Rollin Hardin--Lori McVey &  Ann St. Clair

1972-73--James Sansom--Tom Patty--Ross Shipman--Ann Bell

1971-72--Rizer Everett--Allen Winslow--Tom Patty--Jan Knox

1970-71--Gunnar Brune--Virgil Barnes--Allen Winslow--Peter Stevens

1969-70--Gus Eiffler--Carroll Cook--Alan Shield--Cader Shelby

1968-69--Ernest Baker--Ross Maxwell--Earl McBride--Bruce Fink

1967-68--Samuel Ellison--Hoye Eargle--Edwin Garner--Wallace Cooper

1966-67--Harold Holloway--James Sansom--Ernest Baker--Roselle Girard

1965-66--Peter Flawn--Harold Holloway--James Sansom--Ernest Baker