As part of our mission to foster education in the Geological Sciences, AGS has been awarding scholarships to students the University of Texas for nearly 20 years. Since the initial donation of the endowed scholarship from an anonymous donor in 1995 AGS has managed and grown the fund, through donations, to approximately $25,000. The first scholarships were awarded in 1999 and our society has continued to fund scholarships annually to students at the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences. As of 2016 AGS has awarded more than $10,000 to students.

Dependent upon the performance of the fund, held in trust by our partner Austin Community Foundation, two $500 scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year. Students with excellent academics and financial need are nominated by Jackson School of Geoscience faculty. The Scholarship Selection Committee, composed of two UT Geoscience faculty and the AGS Endowed Scholarship Chair, evaluate the nominated students and select the student recipients. A list of all past recipients is presented below.  

Please think about donating to the AGS Endowed Scholarship.  While the fund is stable, it is not growing. In order to keep the society in the minds of the student recipients our fund needs to grow.  Even if it's a few dollars at a time, please consider our fund.  Now that we are a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax exempt.  If you would like to donate, please find the Endowed Scholarship Chair or the AGS Treasurer.

Awardee                  Award Date      Award Amount

Madeleine Vadeboncoeur         4/28/2016                     $500

Christian Baker                        4/28/2016                     $500

Katherine Newman                  4/9/2015                       $500

Mitchell Rieglier                      4/9/2015                       $500

Benjamin Smith                       8/4/2014                       $500

Aaron Hatsche                         5/1/2013                       $500

Nicole Kurka                            5/1/2013                      $500

Molly Rupp                             5/2/2012                       $500

David Brown                           5/2/2012                       $500

Parker Foy                               4/26/2011                     $500

Chris Heiligenstein                 4/26/2011                      $500

Timothy Shin                         5/19/2010                      $500

Kristen Massey                       5/19/2010                      $500

Travis Kloss                            5/5/2009                        $650

David Dagian                        5/5/2009                         $650

Stephanie Cox                      4/17/2008                        $500

Natasha Gerke                      4/17/2008                       $500

Julie Mitchell                         4/17/2008                      $500

Wendy Robertson                 10/6/2005                       $250

Sally Holl                              1/23/2002                       $500

Catherine Stahn                    1/29/1999                       $250

Gerald Grellet-Tinner           1/29/1999                       $250