Memories of AGS's first president Peter T. Flawn

Academic, Educator, Austin Geological Society’s First President, and UT-Austin President (1979-1985, 1997)

By James W. Sansom, Jr., P.G.

Publication by Peter T. Flawn avaiable at the Buretau of Economic Geology bookstore.

Publication by Peter T. Flawn avaiable at the Buretau of Economic Geology bookstore.

In the early 1960s, I was just beginning my career as a geologist when I first met Dr. Flawn at the Bureau of Economic Geology which was then located on Little Campus.  He was a strong and very good leader, outspoken, dedicated to his geological profession, and highly respected by his peers.  

In 1965 the Austin Geological Society was initiated, and he became the first President of AGS.   The first officers were Harold Holloway, Vice-President; Ernest T. Baker, Treasurer; and I was Secretary. Dr. Flawn was a pleasure to work with in getting our new geological society started.   An article titled “Austin Geological Society: Early History and Recollections”, co-authored by Sansom and Baker, published in the Austin Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 4, 2008, tells the story of the first years of the society.

Dr. William L. Fisher shared the following memories of Dr. Flawn: “When I came to the Austin and the University of Texas 58 years ago, Peter Flawn and I had adjacent offices in Building J, on the Little Campus, as we have had in recent years in the Geological Sciences Building.   But a lot happened in the intervening years. Peter Flawn was to go on to become director of the Bureau of Economic Geology and later to a distinguished career in higher education leadership at UT San Antonio and at UT Austin, culminating in the presidency of both universities. A very significant part of the standing of UT Austin is due directly to the leadership and vision of Peter Flawn. He was a good friend and my prime mentor through the years.  I often sought his advice and counsel which was always insightful, wise and to the point. We have lost a truly outstanding leader and a great Texas geologist.” 

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Robert Lee Bluntzer

AGS member Robert Lee Bluntzer, age 83, passed away on December 2, 2016. AGS extends condolences to the Bluntzer family.  More information can be found here

In 2006 Bob wrote an AGS Bulletin paper about his work on the water well on the Texas State Capitol grounds. Click here to see the paper. In addition, Bob wrote some important reports on groundwater resources while at the Texas Water Development Board, including TWDB Report 339: Evaluation of Ground-Water Resources of the Paleozoic and Cretaceous Aquifers in the Hill Country of Central Texas.


Bob Bluntzer, P.G. was a member of the Austin Geological Society for many years and during that time was an officer and participated in society meetings and field trips.  We have known each other since our days in Geology School at University of Texas at Austin and later worked for the Texas Water Development Board.    Since our retirement from the State of Texas, we worked together as Consulting Geologist on several geologic projects in Central Texas.    Bob gave me a copy of the Travel Guide of a West Texas Trip to Big Bend National Park and McDonald Observatory that he prepared in 2006 for the UT QUEST Organization that he and his wife, Jo, participated in for many years.  His daughter, Alice Ley, and son, Peter Bluntzer, as well as, UT QUEST approved and encouraged making this Travel Guide available to those who wish to download it.   Bob’s research of geology, water resources, and history of the towns and counties along the route are worthy of being shared with others.

Thank you, Bob.      

James W. Sansom, Jr., P.G. 

The guidebook can be accessed below:

William Leroy "Bill" Rader

AGS member William Rader passed away July 23, 2016. AGS extends condolences to the Rader family and also to his son and AGS member Bill Rader. Click here for more information.