Publications of interest

Dennis Trombatore is always looking out for publications of interest for members. Thank you Dennis! Below are a couple. Note that we have a web page dedicated to Noteworthy Publications that have an AGS connection, or very broad appeal. Click here to go to that page.

  1. James A. Golab, Jon J. Smith, Allan K. Clark, Charles D. Blome. 2017. Effects of Thalassinoides ichnofabrics on the petrophysical properties of the Lower Cretaceous Lower Glen Rose Limestone, Middle Trinity Aquifer, Northern Bexar County, Texas. Sedimentary Geology V. 351, pp.1-10
  2. Khan, MS; Hossain, S; Ahmedc, A.; Faysalc, M, 2017. Investigation of a shallow slope failure on expansive clay in Texas. Engineering Geology. Volume 219, pp 118–129