New Publication: Texas Through Time

Tom Ewing will be present at our meeting on December 5th to say a few words about his book “Texas through Time”   The book is published by BEG, and will be for sale in the lecture theatre before the meeting. Tom will be there to autograph the book. Softback $35.00, Hardbound $50.00 plus tax.

Explore the landscapes, rocks, and resources of Texas and 1.7 billion years of Earth history in Texas Through Time by noted geoscientist Thomas E. Ewing. Visit the ancient rocks of the Llano and Van Horn areas, the legacy of now-eroded Himalaya-type ranges that initially rose more than 1 billion years ago. Marvel at the giant West Texas Basin, so prolific in oil and gas, and the enigmatic Marathon and Ouachita Mountains. Watch North America separate from the supercontinent Pangea and create the enclosed, salt-rich Gulf of Mexico in its wake. Discover the vast carbonate platform that today makes up the Edwards Plateau and Texas Hill Country. And witness the complex story of mountain building, uplift, and delta building that formed today's Texas landscapes. Special chapters consider Texas resources and geologic hazards, as well as the impact of geology on human settlement during the last 15,000 years. Texas Through Time contains more than 500 full-color photos, illustrations, and maps, all showing the state’s development through geologic “deep time.”