newly created: Texas Geoscience Council

In August, the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission issued a Staff Recommendation to abolish the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists (TBPG) and Texas geoscience licensure.  In response to those recommendations geoscientists have formed the Texas Geoscience Council.

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The purpose is to support the protection of health, safety and welfare of all Texans through public education about geoscientific work and advocacy for professional geoscientist licensure in the Lone Star State.  The mission is to unite the geoscientific community so geoscientists can work together to accomplish three goals: 

  1. Immediately protect geoscience licensure and the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists through the 2018 Sunset review process.
  2. Immediately illustrate for the Texas Legislature the many important ways that geoscientists serve Texans and the critical role of geoscience licensure.
  3. Long term campaign to educate the Texas public about the various practices of geoscience, and how they impact public health, safety and welfare.
Web page of the Texas Geoscience Council.

Web page of the Texas Geoscience Council.



    Urgent Request: Please submit a personal letter, as well as ask your employer and your clients and all professional organizations to submit letters to the Sunset Commission telling them why it is important for the State of Texas to regulate Geoscience licensure, giving them examples from your real world experience – specifically cases where a P.G. helped      protect the public health, safety, and welfare, saved a client and/or the public money that would have been wasted, and so forth. These letters can be from license holders, unlicensed individuals and firms, where in the letter provides the perspective of why having licensed geoscientists and an agency overseeing that licensing is important to you, the public, and/or your firm.  It’s best if these letters are received by CoB this Wednesday, August 15th.

    --John Berry

    Click here for a PDF of this request and additional information.