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April 2: AGS Poster Session

AGS will host it's annual poster session that will include the category winners from the UT Symposium. Titles and authors listed below (not a comprehensive list):


  • Heat Transport in the Streambed of a Large Regulated River - Sebastian Munoz
  • Pyroclastic Flows from Mount St. Helens: The Effects of Topography on Flow Behavior and Deposition on the Leeward Slope - Elizabeth Davis

Early Career Grads:

  • Constraints on Mantle Dynamics During Jurassic Rifting in the ENAM Area from Seismic and Petrological Modeling of the Oldest Oceanic Crust - Brandon Shuck
  • Rheological Properties and Heterogeneities Along the Down-Dip Extent of a Subduction Megathrust: Insights from the Congrey Mountain Schist, Northern California - Carolyn Tewksbury-Christ

Late Career Masters:

  • Provenance and Geochronological Insights into late Cretaceous-Paleogene Foreland Basin Developments in the Subandean Zone and Oriente Basin of Ecuador - Evelin Gutierrez
  • Missing Well Log Data Interpolation and Semiautomatic Seismic Well Ties Using Data Matching Techniques - Sean Bader

Late Career Ph.D.:

  • Length Scales and Types of Heterogeneities Along the Deep Subduction Interface: Insights from an Exhumed Subduction Complex on Syros Island, Greece - Alissa Kotowski
  • Testing Models of Orogenic Development in Ecuador: Multi-Proxy Provenance Analysis of the Hinterland Cuenca Basin - Sarah George
  • Plagioclase-Dominated Seismic Anisotropy in the Eastern Mojave Lower Crust - Rachel Bernard

A few pictures from AGS Poster Sessions of the past: