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AGS Annual Ethics Talk

Gray Areas: Interactive Application of Business Ethics In the Geoscience Profession

by John Jordan, Jr.



Although I do not have a degree in philosophy or jurisprudence, I have been an international explorationist for 35 years and am aware of many situations where individual or business ethics were tested. In this talk  will review the theory of philosophical ethics and how it relates to business ethics, and then apply it to our industry with LIVE feedback from the audience via polling technology.   Come and join in an entertaining and spirited discussion about the “gray areas” and make sure to bring a phone that is capable of texting or a smart phone that has web access. 


John E Jordan, Jr. is the immediate Past President of the HGS and a licensed geoscientist in Texas.  He is a retired Project Geophysical Advisor who has worked for several Fortune 500 oil companies in California and Texas.  Prior to joining Anadarko in 2007, he worked at Kerr McGee, Noble Energy, Arco and Chevron. During 30+ years in the oil industry, he has worked deep-water projects from Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. John is a graduate of Wright State University where he received both a BSc. and an MSc from the College of Science and Mathematics majoring in geology and geophysics. He does not hold degrees in philosophy or jurisprudence but enjoys lively debate on most any subject.