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Guided Tour of Gault Archeological Site, near Florence Texas

  • Florence, TX 76527 3439 Farm to Market Road 2843 Florence, TX, 76527 United States (map)

Leave Pickle in car pool at 8am. Return about 12:30pm. Cost is $10 for the tour.

If you are interested in joining this tour, and have not yet signed up, please contact John Berry at 

Tour led by Dr. D. Clark Wernecke, Executive Director, The Gault School of Archaeological Research (at Texas State)

The Gault site is very large (40 ac) and is one of the most important archeological sites in the United States, since several million artifacts of all cultures from Clovis to Late Prehistoric have been found. More than 600,000 Clovis artifacts alone have been recovered, and there are pre-Clovis artifacts dating back to about 15,500 years BP.  In all the long discussion of the pre-Clovis period in North America, this has been one of the very few sites with well-dated demonstrably pre-Clovis material.  Thus the site raises important questions about just how North America was originally peopled.

Our guide will discuss, among other things: 

  • hypotheses regarding the peopling of the Americas
  • the geology and history of this area of Central Texas
  • cultural history of central Texas
  • primitive technologies
  • important finds from the Gault site
  • archaeological excavation

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