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Ethics Talk

The always popular AGS fall kick-off One-hour Ethics Training this year will use a real-time audience participation element to let you learn about the relationship between your own interpretations of an ethical response and the interpretations of your peer AGS members. Please come prepared to participate by bringing your “smart phone” or wireless internet-ready device (e.g. iPad). If you have two devices, please consider bringing one to lend a fellow AGS member who is not so equipped. Paper-and-pencil participation will also be supported, as well as an invitation for members of the audience to offer short verbal responses. If you want to be super-prepared, please use this link to download the app we will be using: .

Dr. Susan Hovorka, BEG (content organizer) and Dallas Dunlap, BEG (technology organizer) will lead this session, but the major speaker will be you.