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Field Trips

AGS Field Trips

Field Trips

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The AGS Mapper, incorporates the Google Maps application programming interface (API) and over 280 field stop locations discussed in AGS Guide books.

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AGS Mapper

The AGS Mapper consists of the map area and a sidebar. Thirty four AGS guide books are listed in the drop-down box located in the upper left-hand corner of the sidebar. A second drop-down box groups field stops by location. The user can select field stops by county, state and local parks, the city of Austin, or all field stops in Texas. Abbreviations for each guidebook generally follow the numbering scheme below.

AGS-1 Urban Flooding and Slope Stability in Austin, Texas. V. R. Baker, L. E. Garner, L. J. Turk, and Keith Young, Leaders. Guidebook 1, 31 p., 1973. AGS 001, $7.50
AGS-2 Geomorphic and Hydraulic Features of the Central Texas Hill Country. V. R. Baker, J. Perdue, J. Samson, and C. M. Woodruff, Jr., 21 p., 1974. AGS 002
AGS-3 Urban Hydrology and other Environmental Aspects of the Austin Area. L. E. Garner and C. M. Woodruff, Jr., 39 p., 1979. AGS 003
AGS-4 Cretaceous Volcanism in the Austin Area, Texas, by Keith Young, S. C. Caran and T. E. Ewing. Guidebook 4, 66 p., Revised Edition, 1982. AGS 004, $13.00
AGS-5 Geology of the Precambrian Rocks of the Llano Uplift, Central TexasField Trip Notes, by J. R. Garrison, Jr. and David Mohr. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 5, 50 p., 1984. AGS 005, $10.00
AGS-6 Hydrogeology of the Edwards Aquifer-Barton Springs Segment, Travis and Hays Counties. C. M. Woodruff, Jr. and R. M. Slade, Jr., Coordinators. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 6, 96 p., 1984. AGS 006, $15.00
AGS-7 Austin Chalk in its Type Area Stratigraphy and Structure. Keith Young and C. M. Woodruff, Jr., 88 p. 1985. AGS 007
AGS-8 Edwards Aquifer Northern Segment, Travis, Williamson, and Bell Counties, Texas. C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Fred Snyder, Laura De La Garza and R. M. Slade, Jr., Coordinators. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 8, 104 p., 1985. AGS 008, $15.00
AGS-9 The CityscapeGeology, Construction Materials, and Environment in Austin, Texas. F. R. Snyder, Laura De La Garza and C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Coordinators. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 9, 78 p., 1986. AGS 009, $12.00
AGS-10 Paleozoic Buildups and Associated Facies, Llano Uplift, Central Texas, by S. C. Ruppel and C. Kerans. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 10, 33 p., 1987. AGS 010, $10.00
AGS-11 Hydrogeology of the Edwards Aquifer, Northern Balcones and Washita Prairie Segments. J. C. Yelderman, Jr., Coordinator. Includes road log and articles. Guidebook 11, 91 p., 1987. AGS 011, $12.00
Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas Lessons in Economic Geology, Architecture, and History. C. M. Woodruff, Jr., Coordinator. Includes several articles and street log of Congress Avenue. Guidebook 12, 56 p., 1988. AGS 012, $10.00
AGS-13 Faults and Fractures in the Balcones Fault Zone, Austin Region, Central Texas, E. W. Collins and S. E. Laubach, Coordinators. With an experimental demonstration by B. C. Vendeville and a summary of the regional fracture patterns by W. R. Muehlberger. Includes road log. Guidebook 13, 34 p., 1990; reprinted 2004. AGS 013, $12.00
AGS-14 Water Quality Issues for Barton Creek and Barton Springs, D. A. Johns, Field Trip Leader. Guidebook to field trip containing road log of 8 stops, excerpts from the report of the Barton Springs Task Force to the Texas Water Commission, and 5 articles on Barton Creek and Barton Springs. 95 p., 1991. AGS 014, $15.00
In the Courtroom Geoscience in the Courtroom: A cross disciplinary seminar on the use of geological science in litigation (GCAGS Short Course no. 3). Peter R. Rose and Susan Zachos. 110 p., 1994.
AGS-15 Edwards Aquifer -- Water Quality and Land Development in the Austin, Texas Area, by D. A. Johns and C. M. Woodruff, Jr. Includes 6 articles and a road log to 6 stops in the Austin area. 66 p., 1994. AGS 015, $10.00
AGS-16 Fractures Caused by North-South Compression, Eastern Llano Uplift, Central Texas: A Field Guide, by David Amsbury, Russell Hickerson, and Walter Haenggi. Includes road log and details of 6 stops. 44th Annual GCAGS Convention, 1994, 31 p. AGS 016, $8.00
AGS-17 Environment and Land Restoration in the Central Texas Hill Country: A Geologic Excursion to Selah, Bamberger Ranch, Blanco County, Texas. C. M. Woodruff, Trip Coordinator. 114 p., 1997, AGS GB017
AGS-18 The Hill Country Appellation: A Geologic Tour of Selected Vineyards and Wineries of Central Texas. C. M. Woodruff, Jr., P. R. Rose, and J. W. Sansom, Jr. Guidebook 18, 56 p., 1998. AGS GB018, $10.00
Zilker Park ZilkerPark Walking Tour Guidebook: A Recreational Visit to the Edwards Limestone, by J. L. Walker and P. R. Knox. Includes the geologic setting of the Zilker Park area with a guide to Zilker Park trail (11 stops described) and a guide to the Barton Creek greenbelt (8 stops). Well illustrated. 44th Annual GCAGS Convention, 1994, 48 p. AGS 018, $10.00
AGS-19 A Look at the Hydrostratigraphic Members of the Edwards Aquifer in Travis and Hays Counties, Texas. N. M. Hauwert and J. A. Hanson, Coordinators. 7 articles and a field trip road log that represents an update of research focusing on the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer. 81 pages, 1995, AGS 019, $15.00
Urban Karst Urban Karst: Geological Excursions in Travis and Williamson Counties, Texas. C. M. Woodruff, Jr. and C. L. Sherrod. Road log for 1-day field trip with 7 stops. 73 p., 1996. AGS 020, $16.00
UT Campus Rocks, Resources, and Recollections: A Geologic Tour of the "Forty Acres" The University of Texas at Austin Campus. C. W. Woodruff, Jr., and B. L. Kirkland, coordinators. Guidebook 19, 62 p., 1999. AGS GB019, $12.00
AGS-20 Geology and Historical Mining, Llano Uplift Region, Central Texas. C. Caran, M. Helper, and R. Kyle, Leaders. Guidebook 20, 111 p., 2000. AGS GB020, $15.00
AGS-21 Austin, Texas, and Beyond: Geology and Environment: A Field Excursion in Memory of L. Edwin Garner, C. M. Woodruff, Jr., and E. W. Collins, Trip Coordinators. Guidebook 21, 120 p., 2001. AGS GB021, $15.00
AGS-22 Time, Land, and Barton CreekAn Excursion to Shield Ranch, Travis and Hays Counties, Texas, C. M. Woodruff and Edward W. Collins, Trip Coordinators. Guidebook 22, 71 p., 2003. AGS GB022, $13.00
AGS-23 Lignite, Clay, and Water: The Wilcox Group in Central Texas, R. E. Mace and B. Williams, Trip Coordinators. Guidebook 23, 96 p., April 2004. AGS GB023, $10.00
AGS-24 Tectonic History of Southern Laurentia: A Look at Mesoproterozoic, Late-Paleozoic, and Cenozoic Structures in Central Texas, A. Hoh and B. Hunt, Trip Coordinators. Guidebook 24, November 2004, 90 p. AGS GB 24, $18.00
AGS-25 Geology, Frontier History, and Selected Wineries of the Hill Country Appellation, Central Texas, by P. R. Rose and C. M. Woodruff, Jr. Guidebook 25, April 2005, 109 p. AGS GB 25, $15.00
AGS-26 Volcanic Features of the Austin Area, Texas, by S. C. Caran, Todd Housh, and A. J. Cherepon. Guidebook 26, 110 p., 1 CD, Spring 2006. AGS GB 26, $25.00
AGS-27 Geology of the Karnes Uranium District, Texas. A. J. Cherepon, J. E. Brandt, and W. E. Galloway. 85 p. 2006. AGS 27, $22.00
AGS-28 ReimersRanch and Westcave Preserve, Landscapes, Water, and Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Pedernales Watershed, Western Tracveis County, Texas. B. B. Hunt, C. M. Woodruff, Jr., and E. W. Collins. 132 p. 2007. AGS 28, $20.00
AGS-30 Canyon Dam Spillway Gorge, Comal County, Texas. W.C. Ward, A. Molineux, S. Valentine, and C. M. Woodruff, Jr. AGS 30. 61 p. October 2008
AGS-31 Urban Hydrology of Austin, Texas. C. M. Woodruff, Jr. and R. M. Slade, Jr., Coordinators. 87 p. AGS 31. October 2009

Base Layers:

Austin Sheet, by C. V. Proctor, Jr., T. E. Brown, J. H. McGowen, N. B. Waechter, and V. E. Barnes. Francis Luther Whitney Memorial Edition. 1974; revised 1981; reprinted 2002. GA0003, $6.00

Brownwood Sheet, by R. S. Kier, L. F. Brown, Jr., P. Harwood, and J. L. Goodson. Monroe George Cheney Memorial Edition. 1976; reprinted 1986. GA0008, $6.00

Llano Sheet, by V. E. Barnes. Virgil Everett Barnes Edition. 1981; reprinted 2000. GA0020, $6.00

San Antonio Sheet, by T. E. Brown, N. B. Waechter, and V. E. Barnes. Robert Hamilton Cuyler Memorial Edition. 1974; revised 1983; reprinted 2000. GA0029, $6.00

Seguin Sheet, by C. V. Proctor, Jr., T. E. Brown, N. B. Waechter, S. Aronow, and V. E. Barnes. Donald Clinton Barton Memorial Edition. 1974; reprinted 2001. GA0030, $6.00

Waco Sheet, by C. V. Proctor, Jr., J. H. McGowen, W. T. Haenggi, and V. E. Barnes. Lloyd William Stephenson Memorial Edition. 1970; reprinted 1998. GA0037, $6.00

Austin West Geologic Quadrangle, Travis County, Texas, by P. U. Rodda, L. E. Garner, and G. L. Dawe. Scale 1:24,000; 11-p. text, 1970. GQ0038, OP, $6.00

Geologic map of the Edwards aquifer recharge zone, south-central Texas, by Charles D. Blome, Jason R. Faith, Diana E. Pedraza, George B. Ozuna, James C. Cole, Allan K. Clark, Ted A. Small, and Robert R. Morris.

Streams and County Boundaries courtesy LCRA's Hydromet


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